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100 Yen Love

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Powered by Ando Sakura’s tour de force performance, this shoot-from-the-hip character study stars the Shoplifters actress as 32-year-old slacker Ichiko. She still lives with her parents, without a job or any ambition in life. After a blowout fight with her sister, she leaves home and lives hand-to-mouth working at a 100-yen ““dollar store”“. When she becomes enamored with a local boxer, she starts a life-changing journey of redemption and empowerment. Ando’s transformation from lazy loser to driven heroine, for which she won rounds of Japan’s Best Actress awards, is a knockout punch that will leave audiences cheering in the aisles. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Available to stream on (subject to change): Film Movement Plus

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Masaharu Take