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SAKKA brings quality Japanese independent films to the worldwide audience, with as few filters as possible to the filmmakers.

Hidden Gems and Emerging Voices

Film fans around the world know great classics of Japanese cinema (Kurosawa, Ozu, Mizoguchi!). Japanese anime films have their own triumph and worldwide recognition. But what about all the other Japanese films? The culture and soil that nurtured the Japanese classics are still there, fostering the gems of today’s generation. While more Japanese films are getting recognized at film festivals around the world, most of them aren’t able to fully spread their wings within the traditional distribution system. We liberate those films and let the world discover them, while giving the power back to where it matters – the filmmakers.

Niche – But That’s Why Everyone Wins

You go on a streaming platform, browse through a catalog of titles, find something cool but unsure if it’s worth your time. You read all the reviews and give it a lot of thought, only to give up because you are out of time. (Yes… we are guilty too.) Here on SAKKA, we have curated award-winning films that are internationally recognized. Our films are assured by the festival programmers who watch hundreds of films every year and select only the finest. Our narrow focus also enables us to bring you, the audience, and them, the filmmakers, closer. We talk to the filmmakers directly and listen to their voices. Algorithms are cool, but learning about the filmmakers and their crafts is cooler and, quite frankly, we miss that these days. We bring the intimacy back to cinema viewing.

Watch Films and the World Will Get Along (really)

One of the most iconic directors of all time once said, “Cinema is where people encounter the lives of others beyond borders, and feel empathy for each other. By sharing experiences through screen, we naturally understand other cultures that are different from ours. That’s why cinema is a very effective system to make everyone in the world get along.“ We are beyond proud that audiences around the world will now have more opportunities to encounter the lives of other cultures. Understanding people in different cultures and having empathy is a shortcut to a peaceful world. It may sound too idealistic, but we truly believe in the above-quoted words by Akira Kurasawa, a legend in Japanese cinema, and we are here to connect the world through films.