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A Beloved Wife

Tokyo international Film Festival
New York Asian Film Festival
Udine Far East Film Festival

From the award-winning author of the indie hit 100 Yen Love comes this supremely cringey semi-autobiographical tale of marital disaster, sure to delight fans of Sideways and Larry David, et al. A diminutive loser screenwriter awaits his big break but is mired by perennial writer’s block and the fact that he isn’t getting any. When a golden job opportunity is just a road trip away, he takes his disgruntled wife and kid along for the ride to what turns out to be… hell and back. An acidic comedy that unfolds like a horror movie yet is perversely empowering for its put-upon matriarch. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

『喜劇 愛妻物語』
Film Festivals (selected): Tokyo international Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival
Available to stream on (subject to change): n/a

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Shin Adachi