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Broken Commandment


This immensely moving new adaptation of Toson Shimazaki’s classic novel “Hakai” marks the centenary of Japan’s first-ever human rights declaration, which argued that Burakumin (untouchables), Zainichi Koreans, Ainu and other “disadvantaged minorities” deserve the same respect and freedoms accorded to others. A beautifully staged period piece set against the backdrop of the Russo-Japanese War, the film follows a compassionate rural school teacher whose dark secret unravels when a jealous colleague foments suspicion about his background. Ultimately, the teacher must either find his voice or flee. A stirring depiction of one man’s awakening, Broken Commandment touches on -isms that continue to plague us today, from racism, classism and sexism to nationalism and militarism. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

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Kazuo Maeda

Camera Japan Festival
New York Asian Film Festival