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From Miyamoto to You


Mariko Tetsuya (Destruction Babies) takes flying fists, obsessive love and viewer discomfort to a whole new level in this must-see film. Ikematsu Sosuke (The Long Excuse) stars as overly impassioned Miyamoto, the would-be protector of Yasuko (Aoi Yu, Japanese Girls Never Die), who uses the hapless salaryman to get rid of an unwanted boyfriend, but then falls for him. Tetsuya gleefully amps up the melodrama and histrionics in this full-bore gonzo version of his earlier TV series (both inspired by the manga), as the relationship devolves from troubled to volatile and then downright explosive. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): New York Asian Film Festival, Japannual, Japanese Film Festival
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Tetsuya Mariko

New York Asian Film Festival
Japanese Film Festival