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Love At Least

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Romance film adaptation of the novel from Akutagawa Prizewinning author Motoya Yukiko. Moving depiction of the growing distance between a woman dealing with isolation and a vacuous guy. Feature film debut from video director Sekine Kosai. Yasuko’s (Shuri) depression-triggered sleeping disorder keeps her in bed most of the time and has turned her into a social recluse. She lives with Tsunaki (Suda Masaki), who is in charge of gossip articles at a publishing house. His former girlfriend Ando (Naka Riisa) shows up and encourages Yasuko to return to society and tries to make Tsunaki break up with her. (Synopsis from Japanese Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Nippon Connection, Japannual, Japanese Film Festival, Camera Japan Festival
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Kosai Sekine