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Lu over the Wall


Kai lives in a small fishing village. He spends his time writing music and playing in a band. While rehearsing on Mermaid Island, he and his friends meet a mermaid called Lu. She is enchanted by Kai’s music, and they become friends. But because of the villagers’ superstitions, they have to keep their friendship a secret. This award-winning animated feature is based on an original concept by Masaaki YUASA. (Nippon Connection)

Film Festivals (selected): Sundance Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Nippon Connection, Japanese Film Festival
Available to stream on (subject to change): Netflix, Hoopla, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft, Apple TV

[This film is NOT available to stream on SAKKA. We do not own the copyright, and this page is for informative purposes only.]


Masaaki Yuasa