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Lying to Mom


Suzuki Koichi, a 30-something hikikomori shut-in, allows his mother to dotingly tend to his needs. When she discovers that Koichi has killed himself, the shock is so great she loses consciousness, and her memory of that day. Worried the truth might prompt a relapse, her husband and daughter lie to her. The fabrications just keep snowballing… until the family seems to implode with unspoken secrets. Lying to Mom marks an impressively mature debut by Nojiri, a longtime AD (for veterans Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, Toyoda Toshiaki, Hashiguchi Ryosuke and Ishii Yuya), who laces his tale with as much humor as grief. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Tokyo international Film Festival New York Asian Film, Festival Nippon Connection, Udine Far East Film Festival, Japanese Film Festival
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Katsumi Nojiri

New York Asian Film Festival
Tokyo international Film Festival
Nippon Connection
Udine Far East Film Festival
Japanese Film Festival