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Mom, Is That You?!

Hawaii International Film Festival

Akio is your prototypical Japanese salaryman, worn down by corporate culture. His job as head of Human Resources is wearing him down. To make matters worse, his family life isn’t exactly smooth sailing either, as he is at the brink of divorce with his wife and losing touch with his university-bound daughter. One day, he decides to seek refuge by heading back to his childhood home to see his mother, an always welcome respite for him. However, when he sees his mother, things seem a little off. She usually is the epitome of a motherly homemaker, always working with an apron on, but now she’s wearing stylish, designer brand clothes, looking livelier than ever, and even possibly in love?! Akio is confused and even more distressed as all his worlds are torn asunder with nothing familiar in sight!
(Synopsis from Hawaii International Film Festival)

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Yoji Yamada