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One Cut of the Dead

Hawaii International Film Festival
New York Asian Film Festival
Udine Far East Film Festival
Japan FilmFest Hamburg
Japanese Film Festival
Camera Japan Festival

Unique horror film produced by ENBU Seminar Cinema Project. Became a social-phenomenon hit when the theatrical run exploded from two theaters in Tokyo to a wide-scale release in response to the peculiar structure including a thirty-seven-minute opening cut, despite using a no-name cast.
An indie film crew is shoot ing a zombie film in an abandoned building deep in the mountains. The uncompromising director (Hamatsu Takayuki) drives the production relentlessly and gets to fourty-two takes. Then, real zombies appear and attack the crew, but the director is thrilled and keeps the camera rolling. (Synopsis from Japanese Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Hawaii International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Japannual, Japan FilmFest Hamburg, Japanese Film Festival, Camera Japan Festival
Available to stream on (subject to change): AMC Plus, Shudder, Spectrum, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, AppleTV, Vudu, Amazon

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Shuichiro Ueda