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Ox-Head Village

Three high school girls go missing after a prank gone wrong in an abandoned building. When a video of their last-seen moments goes viral, Kannon (Takuya Kimura’s daughter Koki, in her big-screen debut), is astonished to discover that she bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the missing girls. Obsessed with finding out the truth, she and her would-be boyfriend head off to the village of the disappearance. J-horror grandmaster Takashi Shimizu’s final entry in his “village” triptych proves the zenith of the three, taking his gonzo macabre mash-up of folk horror, urban legends, found footage and supernatural terror to the ultimate level. In the maestro’s hands, this coming-of-age tale is laced with uber-creepy myths about the eponymous ox head, frightening twinships, murderous curses and shocking gore. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Available to stream on (subject to change): VUDU, tubi, SCREAMBOX, plex

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Takashi Shimizu

New York Asian Film Festival