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Perfect Days

Toronto International Film Festival
Tokyo international Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival

Wim Wenders’ Tokyo-based story locates the magnificence in the everyday, casting the incomparable Koji Yakusho (HIFF 2012 Career Achievement Honoree) as the reserved yet good-natured Hirayama, who goes about his very routine hours cleaning public toilets across the city. Interacting on his rounds with a variety of Tokyo denizens whose eccentricities put his gentle nature into even more delightful relief, the middle-aged Hirayama becomes the quiet hero of his own story, doing his menial work without complaint, bemused yet often enchanted at the younger folk orbiting him, and delighted by the natural wonders poking out from the corners of the always changing cityscape. A solitary man living a monastic-like existence is soon disrupted by someone from his past.
(Synopsis from Hawaii International Film Festival)

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