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Camera Japan Festival
New York Asian Film Festival

In this exceptionally engaging coming-of-age dramedy, Non (star of Hold Me Back, NYAFF 2021) plays Itsuka, an art student who’s finishing up her graduation project when her college is closed down due to Covid. Students are given just a few hours to either haul their work home (much of it is site-specific and thus not portable) or toss it in the trash. With this shining moment of their youth stolen from them—and job offers revoked while employers delay hiring amid the pandemic—Itsuka and her friends struggle to hang onto their future promise. In her debut theatrical feature as writer-director-editor-star, Non creates an intensely personal vision of an artist trying to reclaim her identity, boldly demonstrating why she’s the new voice of her generation. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): New York Asian Film Festival, Camera Japan Festival
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