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Round Trip Heart


Hachiko is a 26-year old train attendant. She’s good at her job, but lacks self-confidence. She works on the Romance Car travelling from Tokyo to the mountain resort of Hakone, selling food and drinks. One day she meets a movie producer on board when he tries to steal a box of cookies from her cart. They end up spending the day together, visiting several tourist destinations inKanagawa Prefecture. He makes her laugh and she makes him realize what he misses most in life. They both daydream about their troubled past, whilst a platonic relationship arises. A touching and nostalgic road trip, showing a variety of breathtaking places. (Synopsis from Camera Japan Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Japan Cuts, Udine Far East Film Festival, Camera Japan Festival
Available to stream on (subject to change): n/a

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Yuki Tanada

Japan Cuts
Udine Far East Film Festival
Camera Japan Festival