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Shadow of Fire

Toronto International Film Festival
Tokyo international Film Festival

In a derelict ramen house, a woman earns money by offering the only collateral she has left: her body. A young soldier comes seeking her services, though his need for comfort outweighs his lust. He tries to forge a relationship with both the woman and the little boy who visits her nightly, all of them bereft of family due to the firebombing that laid waste to their city. When the soldier suddenly lashes out, this ersatz family is reduced to two, until the woman’s inability to process her own trauma forces the boy to leave. The boy joins a man on a journey. Cheerful by day, the man whimpers in his sleep, reliving the horrors of his past in nightmares. He has a scheme to exact retribution on the person who caused these horrors — and plans to implicate his innocent companion.
(Synopsis from Toronto International Film Festival)

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Shinya Tsukamoto