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The Blood of Wolves

New York Asian Film Festival
Udine Far East Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival
Camera Japan Festival

In 1988, the streets of Hiroshima are rife with yakuza, and loose cannon cop Ogami (Yakusho Koji) is rumored to be as corrupt as them. Rookie detective Hioka learns this the hard way when Ogami gives him a crash course in subterfuge and street smarts as the two attempt to shake down the mob. A missing persons case leads them into the thick of the action, and soon they find themselves caught in the crossfire of an escalating gang war. Shiraishi (Twisted Justice) once again delivers a giddily gritty and stylish crime opus of shootouts and severed pinkies that blurs the lines between justice and treachery. (Synopsis from New York Asian Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Hawaii International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Camera Japan Festival
Available to stream on (subject to change): AMC Plus, Direct TV, Shudder, Spectrum

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Kazuya Shiraishi