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Seldom has the unease with politics been so clearly addressed in recent Japanese mainstream cinema as in THE JOURNALIST. The film stirred up the Japanese public and film industry alike. Michihito FUJII’s political thriller tells the story of newspaper journalist Yoshioka, who receives an anonymous fax with explosive information. As she follows the trail, she comes across questions that also concern the official Sugihara. The two uncover a scandal that reaches up into the highest circles of the Japanese government. But the closer they get to the truth, the more dangerous the situation becomes for both of them. THE JOURNALIST won three Japanese Academy Awards in 2020 and is based on the book of the same title by journalist Isoko MOCHIZUKI, who is also portrayed in the documentary film i -DOCUMENTARY OF THE JOURNALIST- (see NIPPON DOCS). (Synopsis from Nippon Connection)

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Michihito Fujii