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The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue


Mika works as a nurse by day; by night she entertains covetous men at a girls’ bar. Shinji is blind in one eye and ekes out a living as a construction worker. Young and grown-up at the same time, they both lead a lonely existence, but somehow their paths keep miraculously crossing under the Tokyo sky. Can loneliness be experienced together?
Director Yuya Ishii shows Japanese society as being caught in a sheer struggle for survival. Yozora ha itsu demo saikou mitsudo no aoiro da is a touching ramble through the inner lives of two uncertain people in the middle of Tokyo, a city being brutally crushed by globalisation. People alienated from their roots, families falling apart, financial strife, suicides, earthquakes – yet the film handles all of its themes with both lightness and candour. Inspired by poetry, full of enchanting visual ideas and recurring music, Ishii takes us with him on a lyrical journey undertaken by outsiders who have lost everything. All they can therefore do now is win – in love. (Synopsis from Berlin International Film Festival)

Film Festivals (selected): Berlin International Film Festival, Nippon Connection, Japan Cuts, Japannual
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Yuya Ishii

Berlin International Film Festival
Nippon Connection
Japan Cuts