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We Are X

Sundance Film Festival
Hawaii International Film Festival

The music never had to be explained. For childhood friends Yoshiki and Toshi, forming their band X in 1982 was a way of living through music. Soon they were selling out international stadiums by perfecting their own style of amps-to-11 glam rock—dubbed “psychedelic violence crime of visual shock” (imagine Iron Maiden with a David Bowie spirit animal)—and connecting with millions of fans.
Their journey to play Madison Square Garden amidst a Beatlemania-shaped maelstrom is expertly captured by director Stephen Kijak and editors Mako Kamitsuna and John Maringouin, who dismantle the kitsch and dig into the cult of personality to reveal a story of misfortune and tragedy that has shadowed the band time and again. Just as it is for their fans, music becomes a lifeblood for X Japan, as they are forced to reinvent and regroup in order to survive. Cameos by artistic giants including Marilyn Manson and David Lynch mark some memorable moments in this roller-coaster musical experience. (Synopsis from

『We Are X』
Film Festivals (selected): Sundance Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival
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Stephen Kijak