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Architect Shiro Miura (Toma Ikuta) suddenly returns to his country hometown and the family business he left behind years ago - a public bathhouse called “Marukin Hot Springs”. Since the recent death of his father, Shiro’s plan as eldest son is to close down the antiquated bathhouse and replace it with state-of-the-art condominiums. But he meets with a cold reception from his younger brother, Goro (Gaku Hamada), who has kept the bathhouse open since their father’s passing. One day when a boiler room fire breaks out putting Goro in the hospital, Shiro has no choice but to spend the next few days as bathhouse manager with the aid of trusty part-time worker and bathhouse devotee, Izumi (Kanna Hashimoto). There, he encounters a host of bathhouse-loving customers, from elderly couples to families, and gets a glimpse of the sheer happiness and democratizing power the place offers. As he gradually learns the ins and outs of the trade and encounters a host of lovable people, Shiro finds the constriction inside him begin to melt.
(Synopsys from Fuji Television Network)

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Masayuki Suzuki