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Today marks the 1st anniversary of SAKKA’s launch.

Since last May, we have brought nine Japanese films to the international audience along with the directors’ voices. While there are many more emerging voices and films yet to be liberated, our priority for the first year was to approach this endeavor with sincerity, respect, and love for cinema.

At the center of our every step is the filmmakers and the film community around the globe. We want to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who believed in us and has supported our vision to bring more Japanese films and filmmakers to the world. To those who came and watched the films on SAKKA, explored bonus content, told friends about it, and even sent messages to the directors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are what makes us.

We invite you to celebrate SAKKA’s 1st anniversary with us, as we’ve prepared small gifts to the community as a token of our appreciation.

On behalf of our tiny but mighty team, I look forward to bringing more award-winning Japanese films to you, and playing a small part in connecting the world through films.

— Founder, Chiaki Yanagimoto

May 25, 2023


We have prepared THREE special gift campaigns. Please check our Twitter or each link below for more details and your chance to win.
We appreciate all the support we received in our first year, and now it’s time for us to give back!

**This campaign has ended. Thank you very much for participating, and congratulations to all the winners!!

1st Gift Campaign >> CLICK!
2nd Gift Campaign >> CLICK!
3rd Gift Campaign >> CLICK!