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And just like that, today marks the second anniversary of SAKKA’s launch!

As we conclude our sophomore year, we reflect on the incredible moments that have shaped our path. We have introduced more Japanese films to a global audience and shared the voices of their directors. Each film tells a special story and has touched the hearts of audiences worldwide.

While we always believed in the unique beauty of Japanese cinema, the past two years have shown us just how profoundly it can resonate with people. We are honored and privileged to connect audiences with the films that mean so much to them, and we do not take for granted the people who make this possible. From the filmmakers who trust us with their beautiful creations, to the entire film community who supported and promoted us, and every individual who has helped us reach a wider audience, we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

As a token of our thanks, we have prepared a special collective bundle, available for the first time in many parts of the world. We hope you enjoy this unique offering and that it makes your cinema experience even more special.

On behalf of the entire SAKKA team, I thank you for your love and support. We look forward to continuing our mission of bringing more Japanese films to you and playing a small part in connecting the world through cinema.

— Founder, Chiaki Yanagimoto

May 25, 2024

We have prepared TWO special campaigns!🎉😊

1. Send message to the filmmaker, and get a special gift from them!

By using the links on each film’s page, you can send message directly to the filmmakers. We will draw and pick one winner who will receive a special exclusive gift from the filmmaker themselves, with your name and their autograph on it.

2. Get an exclusive collective bundle for limited time, for special price!


Two Year Anniversary Exclusive Bundle

"Ring Wandering" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Amiko" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Noise" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Sasaki In My Mind" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Passage of Life" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Daughters" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"And Your Bird Can Sing" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Mrs. Noisy" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items
"Melancholic" Film+Pamphlet Bundle
1 items