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And Your Bird Can Sing

Drama 2018

The film’s narrator, a bookstore clerk, is a slacker who can get his life straight but chooses not to. Instead, he drifts around town and waste away evenings with his enigmatic new girlfriend Sachiko and his unemployed roommate Shizuo. Living in the moment, the three drifting souls become intimately entangled on a delicate balance of love and friendship. Director Sho Miyake’s sophomore feature perfectly captures the magic and melancholy of a long summer that we know will come to an end.
( 106 min. )
Available worldwide EXCEPT Japan, Taiwan, Korean, China

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Sho Miyake


Japanese with English subtitles

Director's Note

This film was an attempt to take the essence of “the sparkle of life” that Yasushi Sato tried to express in his novel, and portray it in a film. With the help of the people of Hakodate who gave us an amazing environment as well as actors and crew I respect with all my heart, I was able to devote my everything to this project. Looking back, it feels almost embarrassing how carried away I was. I hope you feel the beautiful sound and light of summer, and enjoy spending precious time with the characters who live in this film. I also wish this film will become like a dear friend to you all.

Berlin International Film Festival
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Tokyo international Film Festival
Nippon Connection
Fantasia International Film Festival
Japan Cuts

Delicate, intimate and spot on in its observations of a trio of friends who are not quite as easy in each others’ company as they think they are, Miyake Sho’s second feature has a beguiling, if unassuming, charm. ..... it marks out Miyake as an empathetic filmmaker with a gift for tapping into simultaneously dissonant moods: in this case, a creeping sadness adds a minor key to the heady pleasure of living in the moment.

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Miyake holds your interest through the subtle manner in which he captures these characters’ anxiety. Their lives — utterly mundane, ordinary and soothed only by the sweet release of alcohol — are deceptively relatable and speak volumes to how tragic these characters are without needing to put a pin in it.

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Bonus Content

SCENE COMMENTARY (also available on YouTube)


The director Sho Miyake shares a fun behind-the-scene story of the filming of AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING.
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In Conversation with Sho Miyake & Nippon Connection (also available on YouTube)


Q&A with Sho Miyake & Nippon Connection
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Director introduces Official Trailer (also available on YouTube)


Official Trailer with director intro.
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