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Passage of Life

Drama 2017
Tokyo international Film Festival
Nippon Connection
Japan Cuts
Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival
CinemAsia Film Festival
Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival

Having fled their home country of Myanmar, Issac and Khine share a modest but happy home in Japan with their two kids, 7-year-old Kaung and 4-year-old Htet. But with their refugee status being repeatedly denied, the insecurity takes a toll on the family and Khine eventually decides to go back home with the kids. In Myanmar, however, the life remains far from ideal - particularly for Kaung who struggles quietly being away from his father and feeling hopelessly alienated. With amazing performance by untrained actors who are real-life family, the film tells the strained reality of a refugee family through sympathetic eyes.
( 100 min. )
Available Worldwide excluding Asia

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Akio Fujimoto


Japanese and Burmese with English subtitles

Fujimoto’s poignant and deeply moving film will connect with viewers everywhere and looks certain to enjoy a lengthy festival run at the very least. // Untrained child actor Kaung is simply amazing in expressing not just the sadness of a boy who’s been separated from his father, but the utter bewilderment of a child who considers himself to be Japanese and cannot relate to anyone or anything in Myanmar.

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Passage Of Life is a narrative that thrives on the human depiction of a refugee family trying the secure a future, while subtly problematizing the inhumanity and the inadequacy of the letter of the Japanese immigration policies. It is by evoking this divide – humanity versus inhumanity – that the narrative, supported by some very natural performances, is able to be so moving and touching.

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Bonus Content

SCENE COMMENTARY (exclusively available with rental/purchase)


The director Akio Fujimoto shares an insightful story about one of the key scenes in PASSAGE OF LIFE.

SCENE COMMENTARY (also available on YouTube)


The director Akio Fujimoto shares an emotional behind-the-scene story of the filming of PASSAGE OF LIFE.
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Director introduces Official Trailer (also available on YouTube)


Official Trailer with director intro.
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Director's Note

I am grateful that this film is now widely shared beyond borders. I hope that the fragments of time spent with a Myanmar family depicted in this film will provide a viewing experience that will allow viewers to reconfirm their own beloved place in the world. I also hope that our prayers will spread to Myanmar, which continues to face unprecedented circumstances due to the country's political difficulties.


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