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Sasaki In My Mind

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When a would-be actor Yuji has a chance encounter with his high school friend, he is forced to look back on his youthful days. He reminisces his larger-than-life classmate Sasaki who was fearless, loyal, and would attract everyone in his orbit. As he recollects those unrepeatable moments, Yuji is slowly reminded of what lingered with him long after his adolescence and the quiet impact of that residue. Even in our forgotten memories, we never really lose what our hero left us. One day, we will learn to live with it.
( 119 min. )
Available in US & Canada

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Takuya Uchiyama


Japanese with English subtitles

Told partly in flashback, the story is easy to follow and easier to get sucked in. Instead of ‘drama’ it’s packed with human emotion and puzzle pieces that click into place. There’s a gorgeous shift in attitude that happens under the surface but rises in the denouement. Winner of the Kaneto Shindo Silver Award in 2020, and nominee for a number of other film festivals ..., Sasaki In My Mind is getting some attention and will hopefully receive a wider distribution.

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...undoubtedly Gaku Hosokawa’s performance as the titular character steals the show whenever he appears on screen. Similar to the large-than-life persona he plays, it is Sasaki whose antics bring excitement and entertainment to the everyday routine of the young students, a character who seems to be satisfied when he is the center of attention, while also making it obvious, if one looks closer, that behind the class clown-facade something is hidden. ... It is a great performance which highlights both the fascination and the mystery of a man whose real personality is a blend of the class clown and the friend he is trying to be, even though his affection is not always reciprocated.

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Bonus Content

SCENE COMMENTARY ~Part 1~ (exclusively available with rental/purchase)


The director Takuya Uchiyama talks about what happened on set in two of the key scenes in the film, for the audience who has watched the film.

SCENE COMMENTARY ~Part 2~ (exclusively available with rental/purchase)


The director Takuya Uchiyama discusses the film’s unique ending and shares his process as he came to the decision on how the film should end.

BEHIND-THE-SCENE (exclusively available with rental/purchase)


Intimate look at the behind-the-scenes of SASAKI IN MY MIND, including on-set interviews of the main cast and the director’s message on the last day of the production.

SCENE COMMENTARY (also available on YouTube)


The director Takuya Uchiyama talks about why a seemingly fun establishing scene is key to his film SASAKI IN MY MIND.
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In Conversation with Takuya Uchiyama & Camera Japan (also available on YouTube)


Q&A with Takuya Uchiyama & Camera Japan
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Director introduces Official Trailer (also available on YouTube)


Official Trailer with director intro.
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Director's Note

Sasaki gets completely naked anytime, anywhere. Sasaki is a detonator, but not quite an instigator. Sasaki is not only a person in your memories. It can transform into a smell, a touch, a place, a memory, a variety of things. It is uniquely yours. Everyone has a direct route to visualize the scenes in your memories and connect it to you in the present. By letting "Sasaki" live in your heart, something in your life will change, even if only a little, even half a step. It tells you to LIVE. SASAKI in your mind!


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