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Drama 2020
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Koharu and Ayano, both in their late 20s, share an apartment in downtown Tokyo. They work hard, play hard, and make the most of their carefree lives …until Ayano faces an unexpected pregnancy. Ayano wants to give birth outside of marriage, and Koharu decides to support her. As their pleasure-seeking lifestyle is forced to transform, Ayano has no choice but to evolve, while Koharu struggles to adapt. Yearning for the past and anxiety for the future all crashes at a crossroad of their womanhood.
( 104 min. )
Available in US, Canada

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Hajime Tsuda


Japanese with English subtitles

The debut film combines portions of Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” (2003) with recent works of Mika Ninagawa (“Followers” 2020), and the early documentaries of Kawase, but refrains from being a pure copy of these. Instead, Tsuda manages to keep his own concept, which gives an interesting outlook for his future projects.

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With his simple, gentle, and authentic exploration of how a pregnancy rewrites one’s current and future life, Tsuda proves that one does not need a complex narrative or a profound thematic depth to touch the spectator. And given the traditional ideas and ideals that persist in the Japanese Other, Tsuda’s narrative might very well play an important role in ‘decriminalizing’ the notion of conscious single motherhood.

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Bonus Content

BEHIND-THE-SCENE FEATURETTE (Exclusively available with rental/purchase)


Follow their 17-day filming that took place throughout the four seasons. This BTS, as stylish as the feature, takes you to beautiful set designs, underwater filming, a trip to Okinawa, and lots of fun giggly moments! Previously only available on their Japanese release DVD.

SCENE COMMENTARY (also available on YouTube)


The director Hajime Tsuda shares a fun behind-the-scene story of the filming of DAUGHTERS.
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In Conversation with Hajime Tsuda & Japannual (also available on YouTube)


Q&A with Hajime Tsuda & JAPANNUAL.
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Director introduces Official Trailer (also available on YouTube)


Official Trailer with director intro.
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Director's Note

Hello, my name is Hajime Tsuda, and I’m the director of “Daughters.” I am grateful that this film was picked up by SAKKA and will be showcased to the American audience. While the film’s protagonists are two women, it is an autobiographic work for me as it reflects a lot of my personal experiences in my 20s. The film sets in Nakameguro, which is five minutes away from Shibuya by train and where many scenes of “Lost in Translation” were filmed. I have lived in this town for a while, and this is where the two protagonists share an apartment as the story of “Daughters” begins. Though the filming happened pre-pandemic, I think it still conveys the vibe of today’s Tokyo. The film observes how relationships with friends and family change when you are about to have a child. That said, I believe everyone can find their own favorite element in the film, such as life in Tokyo, its unique sceneries, Koharu and Ayano’s apartment, visuals of their memories, costumes, music, and so on. So, enjoy!


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