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Mrs. Noisy

Comedy, Drama, Social Satire 2019
Tokyo international Film Festival
Asia Pacific Film Festival
Nippon Connection
Japan Cuts
Hawaii International Film Festival
Asian American International Film Festival

A once-successful novelist Maki is having a writer’s block. She moves into a new apartment with her family, but her frustration peaks when the persistent noise coming from her neighbor gets to her. A small neighbors quarrel quickly becomes a social media meme and snowballs into a major internet frenzy. Maki decides to write about it, but with an unexpected consequences of art imitating life. Inspired by a true event, it is a modern tale of public ridicule, social boundaries, and a reminder that you’re often exposed to only one side of the story.
( 106 min. )
Available in US, Canada

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Chihiro Amano


Japanese with English subtitles

“Ms. Noisy” is a film based on a brilliantly developed script with a filigree feel for real human destinies. It is a bold work, with feminist thoughts hidden behind the main plot, nonjudgmental and yet clear in its message, ........ Chihiro Amano has probably achieved something that is a rarity in this type of films – viewer’s wish to rethink certain behavioral patterns, and maybe even change the attitude towards the people in general.

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Chihiro Amano’s Mrs Noisy is a narrative that, via a balanced mixture of comedy and drama, succeeds in confronting the spectator with the problematic imaginary aspect that ever threatens inter-subjective relationships. With her narrative, Amano urges the spectator to be more considerate of someone else’s subjective position.

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Bonus Content

SCENE COMMENTARY (exclusively available with rental/purchase)


The director Chihiro Amano shares a fun behind-the-scene story of the filming of MRS. NOISY.

SCENE COMMENTARY (also available on YouTube)


The director Chihiro Amano shares a fun behind-the-scene story of the filming of MRS. NOISY.

In Conversation with Chihiro Amano & Hawaii International Film Festival (also available on YouTube)


Q&A with Chihiro Amano & Hawaii International Film Festival.

Director introduces Official Trailer (also available on YouTube)


Official Trailer with director intro.

Director's Note

This film is inspired by a true neighbor dispute incident that happened in Nara, Japan in mid 2000s which people called “Noisey Lady Case.” What I found fascinating about this case is that the voice of the media and the Internet deemed the people involved a villain, or a hero, without knowing what actually happened, and their voice got increasingly louder. In this world, the truth of any dispute changes depending on who looks at it and from what perspective. Nevertheless, there are always outsiders who will claim what’s right or wrong and take sides, aggravating the situation. This happens often in our society, and I think conflicts and wars around the world bear a similar structure. In other words, by portraying neighborhood disputes at the micro level, the film is illustrating the mechanism of people’s conflicts, which is a universal and timeless theme. I’m sure we’ve all had a fight or two with someone in our lives. So I hope you will pick up on the dread and absurdity of disputes which should feel familiar to you.


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